Try these breakfast ideas for improved lifestyle

Mornings are rough, and we all need delicious diet to break the fast. Eating a healthy breakfast makes you set foot at the right place as well as make the right choices and decisions. Eating a filling breakfast, will keep you energized at the same time prevent frequent food cravings. The following healthy breakfast ideas will help, you make the right breakfast choice.


Baked muffins

Muffins are excellent for breakfast. They are easy to make and will keep you full. You can either mix muffins with blueberries, bananas, apples to come up with a healthy diet. The fruit will add extra flavor as well as nutrients and minerals to your muffins. Blue berries for instance, are super tiny but rich in antioxidants. Therefore, cereals filled with fruits are nutritious and healthy.



Start your day right by waking up to the hot and delicious oatmeal. They are filling and that is what you need for the day. They are enriched with essential nutrients such omega_3 fatty acid, fiber, potassium and folate. They are also low in calories.


Strawberry shake

Shakes are great in the morning. Strawberry shake entails blending strawberry powder in shaker with low skimmed milk and non-sugar. For additional protein and fiber, mix it with fresh strawberries and bananas to make them sweeter and tasty.


Tea or coffee

Morning tea or coffee will increase your concentration and make you much productive. Coffee is rich in caffeine while tea contains catechins. These properties will keep you hydrated as well as have improved immunity. You can choose to either take plain coffee or mix it with creamers. Green, black and white teas are healthy.


Blend orange or lemon juice

Fruit beverages are healthy and nutritious for breakfast. Orange juices are rich in vitamin D nutrients and low in calories. While lemon juices are acidic. You can add lemon in your tea instead of sugar. Doing so, will help you cut empty calories from your meals.



If you want to fill hydrated and full in the morning, try to include Melon on your breakfast diet. It is rich in lycopene, a nutrient available in vegetables and red fruits. Eating high amount of watermelon will help you have improved sight and prevent the risk of having cancer and heart related conditions. What makes it ideal for breakfast is that you will remain full, energized and not thirsty throughout the morning. Never forget that melons are low in calories.




For a rounded and delicious breakfast, prepare egg scrambled, omelet, or boiled egg. Eggs are rich in protein and vitamin E nutrients as well as high in cholesterols. It will help you feel energized and view the day in a different and positive perspective.



Did you know that grapefruits might help you lose weight? They are rich in fat burning features and good for blood sugar and insulin levels. Eating for breakfast will keep you hydrated and full. Antioxidants present in them are excellent immunity boosters. You can eat it while plain or blend it with yogurt or eggs to get proteins.


Greek yogurt

This type of yogurt is ideal for breakfast. It will curb your hunger and keep you full. Greek yogurt is loaded with cream and calcium. We need calcium for bone development. Greek yogurt is much preferred than other regular yogurt because of protein. Select the one low in fat content and plain. You can add extra fruits to make it tasty and sweet.

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