Importance of Breakfast in Weight Loss

5So you are on the go and don’t have time for breakfast? Maybe you are one of those types that just don’t really feel hungry on your way out the door? We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we still just don’t have time.
One thing that breakfast does is get your metabolism and energy going for the day. It fuels your body to get started. Most of us rely on coffee to give us a boost in energy, but fail to realize that taking the time to eat breakfast can have a much bigger affect on us than coffee.
Don’t get me wrong I am a coffee lover like millions, but what I learned about breakfast and how to eat on the go has changed my energy during the day. For the health conscious how do you eat a healthy breakfast on the go to get your body started? There are some simple ways to get your body going and your mind ready.
If you have heard how breakfast can increase your metabolism, memory retention, and energy then try some simple items to get you going in the morning and not interfere with your hectic schedule.
The simple tips to eating on the go:
– Hard boiled eggs- pre-made you can quickly grab this walking out the door.
– Breakfast Bars- Fiber bars, power bars, granola bars are a healthy way to kick off your morning on the go.
– Breakfast shakes- protein and fiber shakes are a great way to get going without stopping.
– Fresh Fruit – Grab an apple or banana on your way out the door to get you fueled.
– String Cheese- This is a healthy choice to grab while running out the door and the protein will help boost your energy.
If you are on the go and are thinking of grabbing fast food you would be surprised at the healthier options you could have. Here are just some suggestions to help you get through that drive through windows quickly and healthy:
– Egg Sandwiches – egg McMuffin, egg sandwich subway. The key is to not oversize your sandwich and keep them simple.
– Pancakes – McDonald’s Hotcakes, Burger King French Toast actually in a single portion has fewer calories than other items on the menu.
– Low fat muffins and bagels are a good choice. If you do any type of margarine or Cream Cheese keep it low fat or leave them out to keep your calorie count down.
If you want to improve your day and feel energized with a clear mindset then you will love the value a good breakfast can give you. Feel the greatness that breakfast can bring and get in with the on the go goodness that breakfast can give you.
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