How many calories should I eat for breakfast?

For your breakfast, you should eat around 400 calories. Children will need fewer calories as compared to adults. Always select the best foods and ensure that you provide your child with the right amount.

A woman should not eat more than 2000 calories in a day and a man should not also exceed 2500 calories. Using calories to guide you in dieting is the best way to make best food choices and also ensure you are not over eating. Eating too much sugar or even fats may show that you are consuming more calories than you really need.

Importance of eating a breakfast
Breakfast is the best meal in a day. It provides you with the energy to start the new day and provides you with other benefits like weight control and an improved performance. Recent studies proved that eating a healthy breakfast can provide you with improved concentration and performance, more strength or endurance to engaging in physical activity. Additionally a good breakfast can lower your cholesterol levels and provides you with vitamins and other important nutrients.

Everyone should eat breakfast but it is more important for children and adolescents. According to research, children who eat breakfast always perform better in classrooms or in the play grounds. Additionally those children have a good concentration, eye hand concentration and better problem solving skills.

Breakfast is essential in weight control. An earlier research suggested that eating breakfast can provide you with energy you require the whole day and therefore reduce the amount of food you eat in other meals. Moreover having a good breakfast makes you to have better choices in the food you will eat in the day. You may save calories by skipping your breakfast but that is not a good idea. Hunger affects breakfast skippers more than those people who eat breakfast. Therefore, they will engage in more food.

Include lean protein your breakfast

Adding a little lean protein in your breakfast is important. It provides you with the energy you require to keep you full until lunch time. Protein is one of the best satiating and blunts your hunger. To get the best amount of protein in the morning, include an egg in the breakfast. Eggs are one of the foods that contain the highest quality protein.
A large egg may contain 75 calories, 212 mg cholesterol and 75 calories. American heart association recommends that any healthy person should consume an egg on every day.

How do I choose breakfast foods?
A good breakfast should contain a variety of healthy foods. Some of the foods you should not miss in your breakfast include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and low or non-fat dairy.

If you lack enough time to have the breakfast, you may follow the easier way. Combining pure yoghurt with walnuts, which is a good source of brain saving omega 3, may give you a good amount of energy to begin your day. You may also combine the yoghurt with whole grains and fiber to allow slow digestion and therefore provide you with good energy throughout the day.

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