Healthy recipes for kids packed lunch

Lost a healthy lunch box recipe for your kid? Worry no more as there is a wide variety of easy to prepare yet very healthy and nutritious meals for your kid. They will enjoy the meals too since they are made of what they love most. The ideas are all fun but very practical. In addition, you can seek expert advice on healthy recipes for kids with good nutrition tricks for them.

Corn and zucchini fritters
Start by preparing a batch of whole-wheat pancake batter. Then mix-frozen corn, a small piece of grated zucchini and a handful of parmesan as well as a thinly sliced scallion in a cup and stir thoroughly. The role of the zucchini is to make the mixture moist and soften the batter in case it is too stiff. The final step is to cook each side for 3 minutes. Pack alongside Greek yogurt for dipping.

Arnold palmer sandwich
This a combination of finely cut hard-boiled eggs mixed with pickles. It is then flavored with mustard and mayonnaise, the mixture is then generously spread on a slice of multi-grain bread. The next thing is to mix drained canned tuna, thinly cut onions and celery and then flavor them with lemon juice and mayonnaise. Spread this mixture on another slice of bread. Sprinkle torn basil leaves on the two slices them assemble them together. Repeat the same for as many slices as you want to pack for your kid.

The Elvis burrito
This is another very common meal for your kids packed lunch. Generously spread peanut butter on whole grain wheat wrap. Next, sprinkle crumbled bacon and then covers it with honey. You can choose to use a whole banana at the end of the wrap. Roll it exerting some pressure so that it breaks and at the same time coming up with a cylindrical shape. Alternatively, you can slice the banana, place the pieces on the mixture and then roll them to form a cylinder.

Turkey salad rolls

Take diced and smoked turkey, toasted almonds, red grapes without seeds cut into two, slim slices of celery and finally some mayonnaise. Pack all of them together in an airtight bag alongside some whole grain wheat hot dog bun. Let the kid assemble them when eating or let them eat each one of them separately.

An avocado, carrot and cucumber sushi
Take a toasted nori sheet and brush it with sesame oil. Sprinkle enough salt on the oil layer. Next, press some cold sushi rice on the salt to form a thin layer. Cut some thin slices of avocados and then tightly roll them alongside grated carrots and cucumber sticks. The last step is to slice them crosswise and pack alongside some soy sauce.

Chips and dips
Mix thinly cut fresh and ripe tomatoes, some lime juice, thin slices of white onions as well as freshly picked chopped cilantro. In addition, pack flaxseed tortilla chips in small amounts of the salsa, avocados mashed with just enough lemon juice. Add a container of Greek yogurt for dipping.

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