Healthy lunches enriched with essential nutrients

Eating a healthy lunch is vital and it will keep you energized throughout the afternoon. Cooking and packing healthy lunch is cheap and you are sure about the ingredients you used while making them. Lunch keeps us sharp and prevents late afternoon tiredness. Daily sandwiches and fast food are not healthy. Instead, make yourself delicious and nutritious lunch. Try always to establish a healthy eating plan. These types of healthy lunches will keep your eating regime on the right track.


Barley and black beans

This kind of food will keep you going throughout the afternoon. The protein found in black beans is essential for your overall healthy. Make a salad out of wholegrain and mix it with red pepper, onions, tomatoes and low calories barley. Lycopene present in tomatoes will help in fighting diseases and boost your metabolism rate.



Salads for lunch are nutritious and will sustain and fuel you throughout the afternoon. Spice your salads with red peppers, tomatoes, chicken and cheese. Because red peppers and tomatoes are rich in photo chemicals known as lycopene. Lycopene is vital in our diet because will reduced the risk of having cancer and heart disease. While chicken and cheese salad contain high amount of proteins, which are vital for overall body functions.


Whole grain sandwiches

These kinds of sandwiches are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and vitamin B. It is advisable to used unrefined whole grains, brown bread, pasta and chicken, cheese and eggs. They are low in calories, fat, and good for bowl movements.


Chicken and lean meat

Lean meat is always good for our health. They are highly nutritious, low in fat and high in iron. Eating chicken or white meat for lunch will boost your energy levels as well as suppress your hunger.


Food wraps

Wraps for lunch are great and will keep you energized for the rest of the afternoon. They are rich in essential nutrients and contain low level of carbohydrates. These flat pancake wraps are made out of nutritious wheat flour.


Warm mixed vegetable soup

Soups are excellent choice for lunch. They are rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, photochemical and minerals as well as low in calories. Soup will satisfy your appetite at the same time help you achieve healthy nutritional goals. Fish, lentil, chicken flavored soup is rich source of proteins. You can either choose to eat it with brown rice or whole grain bread for additional carbohydrates.



Plant protein

They say that plant protein derived from kidney beans, black beans, red beans, peas, French beans are rich in protein. You do not have to depend necessarily only from animal proteins. Plant proteins are better than animal protein. This is because they are loaded with other nutrients. These types of pulses will keep your full and fuel throughout your afternoon.



Desserts are nutritious and they will sustain you. They are easy filling and rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Make your desserts from fresh fruits such as mangoes, apples, pineapples, melons, avocados, grapes and veggies. You will be eating healthy as well as adding nutrients to your body.


Grilled cheese

Eating grilled cheese mixed with turkey and tomatoes will keep you energized and satisfied throughout the afternoon. It is low in cholesterol because of it is free from butter. While turkey is rich in protein and tomatoes contain antioxidants.

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