Healthy Foods to Eat For Breakfast

It is an established fact that eating breakfast has a lot of benefits to you, your family and your day and its activities as well. Establishing this fact is just one-step. The next step is knowing the healthy things to eat for breakfast; the foods that will add value to you in the short and long term.


Did you know that oatmeal contains beta- glucan? Beta-glucan is a type of fiber that lowers your cholesterol’s levels when consumed regularly. It is important to note that oatmeal also contain omega 3, potassium and foliate. All these nutrients are essential to give your body the right minerals to kick start the day.
When buying oatmeal, avoid the sweetened ones, as they tend to contain a lot of sugar. Instead, make yours sweeter by adding milk and honey. Both milk and honey are healthy and contain proteins that will give you the energy to run through your day’s activities.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt contains twice as much proteins and calcium as your normal yoghurts giving you the boost you need to start your day. You simply start your day energized and in great mood. Buying the non- flavored, nonfat variety is better. You can sweeten it with any fruits of your choice to give it flavor and that sweet taste.

Grape fruit

This small fruit has a mastered seed effect when it comes to nutrition. It does boost your insulin and blood sugar levels, and hydrate your body. Eating half a grapefruit before meals will help you lose a lot of weight. It also has antioxidants that boost your immunity. To get the best results eat this with a healthy protein such as milk, yoghurt or an egg. It has plenty of benefits especially if you do not like a heavy breakfast or are heading to the gym.

Bananas and avocados

Would you like some pudding? Mix these up in the morning. Avocados will give your body some healthy fats and fiber while the banana offers your body some starch and potassium. If you are going to the gym, the banana will help you replace the potassium you will be losing in sweating. The best thing about this combination is that you will not have to worry about snacking. They make you feel fuller for longer.


They are thought to be harmful but they have a healthy amount of proteins and nutrients for your day. Eggs add healthy fats to your diet. If you are looking to lose some weight and you cannot stop yourself from over eating, have an egg. They have mechanism that sends the message that you are full to your brain for a longer period. With eggs, you have to eat with moderation.

Almond butter and peanut butter
If you do not eat dairy or eggs, almond and peanut butter are a great way to get the amount of proteins and mono saturated fats your body needs. They can be paired with a banana of spread on whole grain bread to add the nutritious benefits they bring and their lovely tastes.

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