Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers and Young Children

Children are always running up and down in the house eating everything. However, as a parent your goal is to give your children something that they will like and that is nutritious. Agreed, finding such a thing can be almost impossible. Nevertheless, all children love colorful and sweet things.

With children, the goal is to always make meal times are fun, colorful, healthy and sweet. It does not have to be another time to fight and get frustrated. Also, always remember to make today different than it was yesterday. If a child thinks that breakfast will always be a certain food daily, they will resent it and most likely avoid it even when they grow up.

Every child loves a good milk shake. A parent should too. Packed with proteins, vitamins and healthy fat, this is a great way to keep your baby’s energized, active, happy and full. It does not contain processed sugar or fat and will therefore be more beneficial to your child health wise. This is always a great time to add in the vegetables the child does not like so much. Like blending slices of bananas, grapes, milk and a small leaf of spinach will make it a healthy meal.

Cinnamon toast, yoghurt and fruit
Having a busy morning? Do not worry. Just take a slice of bread butter and toast it, sprinkle a little cinnamon and some sugar put it in a plate together with a fruit your baby likes and give them some yoghurt. This is a meal with enough protein to keep your baby energized yet still balanced and healthy.

Scrabbles, omelet, cheese and egg muffins are great. Really, eggs are the easiest protein packed meal for your child. The cheese egg muffins are the easiest to make. Just fry an egg, top it with a little cheese let the cheese melt and put them in a muffin cup. You can make many in advance refrigerate them and microwave them at breakfast.

Oatmeal is very healthy and boosts brain development. It is also a fun way to get children to participate in making their own food. Put the plain oatmeal in a bowl. Add some milk and a pinch of salt. Microwave it until warm. Get some sprinkles and let your child choose just how colorful they want their breakfast to be.




You can get your child to eat the vegetables they do not like. Get whole grain waffle, put in some bacon or an egg and some lightly cooked spinach and give it to them. Bacon is a favorite to all children who, love the taste of meat. The vegetable and whole grain will make it a perfectly balanced breakfast meal.

Breakfast cereal with yoghurt or fruit:
Breakfast cereals are always tasteful, easy to prepare and full of that protein boost your child requires. Buy a healthy cereal with as low cholesterol as possible. Put some in a bowl. Add in some yoghurt and few slices of your toddler’s favorite fruit.

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