Five Things to eat for breakfast

Every day you wake up in the morning you are confronted by the same familiar question, what things to eat for breakfast. Perhaps this is the most repetitive question in one’s dieting program, but it could also appear in a different profile as the most poorly answered question of all time. Many of the people define breakfast to be the simple cup of coffee that starts of the day. In a way, they are right, but in several ways they fail to live up to the expectations of a proper breakfast that needs to show up like any of the vital meals one needs to consume. Here is a list of the four most important things to eat for breakfast.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I guess the person who came up with this saying new the people of this age would confront such a difficult, so he provided an easy way to remember the things that matter most in life. Fruits are tasty, nutritious and above all full of the fibers that you need for proper digestion. Eat a fruit every day and you are sure to ramp up your defense against diseases, liven up your skin and keep your body nourished. Do not forget that there are thousands of fruits in the world, so you do not have to stick to your mango day in day put. You may eat one fruit one day, and each day for the whole year, you eat a different fruit!

Vegetables should never miss in any meal and breakfast is no exception, yet for vegetarians this is a rule they live with. You need the important elements that only vegetables can provide roughage and mineral salts. Stocking up several leaves on your plate will ensure that the regular stomach upsets slowly while away, you inject a new stream of important mineral salts into your body and far off go green with your meals. Spinach, cabbage, kales and nightshade are prominent nutritious vegetables, not only for their nutritional value but also for the wholesome addition that they make to the life of an individual in the long term.

The body of a human being comprises quite a large amount of proteins, starting from the muscles and going down to the body cells that form the core of our existence. There are thousands of proteins that you can eat, and all that depends on availability, pricing and particular tastes. A good rule is to go for the healthy proteins such as seafood, white meat such birds and those that are plant based.


I do not mean to imply that red meat is bad; consuming it once in a while will prove invaluable for your health. Then you do not forget the animal products that will obviously fill up the page if I started naming them all, but the two obvious ones are milk and eggs. You can have a cup of milk every day, it is incredibly good, but when it comes to eggs, you know that rate has to be a little slow, right?

Then there is this other part that you must never forget, let us put it simply as “fuel”. I mean carbohydrates, the slices of bread, corn, nodules, cakes and much more. They provide the power to keep you going throughout the day, so you must never forget them. Eat a good piece of tem to remain strong all day long, and the emphasis is especially greater if you are working on tasks that are physically demanding.

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