Five principles of healthy meal plans

Every human being deserves a decent meal, but what you may term as decent is not necessarily decent to your neighbor next door, and the same may turn on its head when you go across the continent and look at what they have for dinner. However, we can always find some level ground in terms of a good diet. Whatever you may choose as the best meal does not matter, what is important here is whether it meets the criteria of healthy meal plans or not. Here are the five principles that tell whether a meal is worth or not. Every principle is worth your full attention, so no buts in the end.

Completeness is the first aspect whenever you take a walk around the garden of nutrition. There is nothing that gives the promise of a good diet except when it has all the nutrients that one needs, whether macro or microelements. A complete diet will have all the vital elements one needs for a healthy life, not forgetting the four cardinal elements: proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats. Each of these must show up, roughage coming in and minerals not playing any lesser role.

The principle of proportionality is the next up the ladder. You know what you need, so you also need to know the proportions that you need for every element. What will count as a balanced diet for a pregnant woman may not be the same for a manual laborer in their middle twenties. In the same way, a plate with all the vital nutrients with their proportions inverted will not work well, since the ratio of the nutrients one has consume varies with various factors. You will probably term a plate with all the nutrients as balanced, but if one of the nutrients is taking up ninety eight percent of the full volume and leaving the other vital elements to fill up the space then that ceases to be within the confines of this principle.

Healthy meal plans never cease to be timely. You perhaps know that a stich in time saves nine, so your food must always be available when you need it. Unless you have a medical reason, or any other justifiable reason to skip your meals or delay them, there is no harm eating on time, but there is severe consequence not eating on time. The number of people suffering from ulcers and several other complications keeps surging, but most of this would comfortably stay far from man if they ate their meals on time.

Variety must be right in the genetic code of your healthy meal plans. Eating the same meal every day does not contribute to your health benefits, unless you have to live within such limits. Variety allows your mouth, your mind and the whole of your body to warm up to something new. Your digestion works well when you get to eat different things at different times, your appetite will as well be optimal when you have access to variety, not forgetting the varying proportions of nutrients in each food substance.

Best quality is the last principle, and one that must stay at the back of your mind every day. Choose the best foods from those available. Eat foods that are fresh, or those prepared through the best processes ever. Cleanliness, freshness, appearance are all facets of the same thing, always go for the best when it comes to matters of the stomach.

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