Dairy free Breakfast recipes for the whole family

The first meal of the day, some go on about how important it is while others skip it all together. Other people think that a cup of coffee will take them through the first half of the day while others will take vitamins and mineral they think are important in their bodies. The situation can get even more complicated especially for those who are allergic to dairy products. However, no need to worry as there are countless breakfast recipes for you.

Fruit and vegetable juice

Freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice is the best making a juicer an important equipment in your kitchen. You can mix more than one variety of fruits and vegetables to provide your body with instant absorbable vitamins and minerals. The juice tastes different from the raw product and you can even add more flavors to suit your taste preferences. Experiment different combinations to discover the one that you like best.

German pancakes
To make the perfect pancakes, you will need a good amount of milk. Once it has been cooked, some people like to smother them with buttermilk paste too. However, for those who do not take any dairy products simply replace the milk with water. The texture will be slightly different but still good enough for breakfast.

Baked potatoes
If you have some baked potatoes in the fridge, grate them and then mix with eggs. Once the mixture is in the oven, it bakes slowly and does not require too much attention so you can take care of other things, as it gets ready. It is a great meal for breakfast for the whole family. The ingredients; salt, eggs, pepper grates potatoes and water, are easy to find too.

Fruit smoothie
This is a great breakfast recipe for those who want something cold and refreshing in the morning. Many think that for a smoothie to taste great it must have milk in it, however, this is a misconception. There are some natural combinations that are just great, some better than milk. Experiment with different flavors such as orange, strawberries, peaches and blackberries until you get what you like best. Do not add sweeteners. Just enjoy the natural tastes of the ingredients. A fruit smoothie is good for both adults and the kids.

Fruits and vegetables
A bite of several fruits, a salad will be a great way to start your day. The best fruits to have in the morning are bananas, papaws and avocados since they make you feel fuller for longer. You can also have a bite of some vegetables, preferably mildly steamed for a more nutritious and balanced diet. These will be go along just fine with a cup of coffee to warm you up.

There are numerous dairy free breakfast recipes therefore you have no excuse to start your day on an empty stomach. They are easy, fun and fast to prepare therefore no need to worry about the time. Some of them can be carried along in a lidded container to drink as you dash to work such as a fruit smoothie. They are healthy and good for the whole family too.

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